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Catch The Breaks Before They Break You

“The first day we installed the unit, it stopped the machine twice for a broken tool, thereby, paying for itself the first day.” - CNC machine shop Owner -

If you do automatic or unattended machining, you know the problems caused by a broken tool. Left undetected, the typical result can be a combination of broken tooling, scrap parts, machine damage and downtime. Positive Contact Tool Sensors provide you with a solution to protect your profits and catch the tool break when it occurs. It’s a simple, affordable and practical solution for tool monitoring on unattended machining centers, transfer machines, screw machines, CNC lathes and a countless number of special purpose machines. LEARN MORE

Over 80% of PCS users surveyed report a Return On Investment in less than one month, and over 40% report a Return on Investment in less than one week!

Find Out How

Broken Tool Detection Systems

Simple • Affordable • Reliable

The PCS-100 System is our best-selling tool monitoring system and is America’s #1 Broken Tool Sensor. Its ease of set-up, reasonable price, performance and repair options make it like no other tool monitor available. The PCS-250 System is preferable when additional diagnostics are required, or when the use of an electronically programmable “teach” sensor is required. The PCS-100-AP and PCS-250-AP are optionally available with Air Pressurized (AP) sensors for use in the most extreme cutting tool environments.


PCS tool sensors have been installed to monitor broken tools on every imaginable metal cutting machine tool.

  • CNC Lathes
  • Machining Centers
  • Multi-spindle Screw Machines
  • Transfer Machines
  • Special Purpose Machines
  • MANY Other Uses

It Changed An Industry

“We have been using PCS sensors for more than 10 years with tremendous success. We continue to add more systems.” - Screw machine shop Owner -