Tools Can Break at Any Time. Be Prepared.

Positive Contact Sensors can detect broken drills, taps, end mills or reamers before the cost of chain reaction broken tools, machine damage, downtime and scrap breaks you.

How Does it Work?

Regardless of which PCS System you choose, the system will consist of two main components – a Sensor and a Sensor Control Unit. The Control Unit is mounted in the machine control cabinet and the sensor is bracket mounted close to the cutting tool. Tool monitoring is performed by a light physical contact of the tool tip with the needle of the sensor. The sensing needle is typically used straight but can be bent in many configurations depending on your application. If the tool is present, the needle will contact the tip and return to the starting position. The cycle will then be allowed to continue. If the tool is broken, the needle will swing past the tool and interpret the condition as a broken tool. The unit will then send the appropriate stop output to the machine control. The system can also be used in reverse logic. In that case, you would allow free unobstructed space to be an acceptable condition, while an obstruction would generate a fault.

Which System Do I Need?

Now you can select the Positive Contact sensor that best suits your needs and budget. Both the PCS 100 and 250 are free of miniature gear boxes and share other common features that make them ideal for automatic machines operating in the toughest environments. The technical differences between the two sensors can be found in two general areas. The first is the method of setting the sensor for operation and the second is how their diagnostic systems operate.

The Danger of One Undetected Broken Tool

CNC lathes are frequently changed over for different part set ups. It is not uncommon to find one or more tools in each set up which are problematic and prone to breakage. Left undetected, the typical result will be an expensive chain reaction of broken tooling, scrap parts, down time, sort time and more. Positive Contact sensors provide a simple and affordable solution to protect your company’s profits.

One of Our Customers Say it Best

“It’s there when I need it and idle when I don’t…It’s cheap insurance”

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