For Extreme Cutting Tool Environments

PCS sensors are built to operate in tough metal cutting conditions; however, machining environments vary significantly. The material being machined, machine cleaning methods, coolant chemical composition, coolant pressure, coolant spray direction, coolant maintenance and machining envelope can all combine and contribute to problems.

The standard PCS-100 & PCS-250 have always been the choice for Tool Monitoring in Harsh Environments. In Extreme Cutting Tool Environments, we recommend using our Air Pressurization (AP) option. This option provides a very low pressurization of the sensor, keeping coolant spray and contaminants out. The AP option is available for both the PCS-100 and PCS-250 system. Please refer to PCS pricing information for details.

The AP option includes:

  • A PCS sensor prepared with a quick connect (a.k.a. “push-in”) fitting
  • 3 meters (~10ft) of Ø4mm low pressure air tube
  • An adjustable quick connect fitting with a ¼ male NPT for connection to customer supplied Filter / Regulator / Gauge, or the AP-1000 Air Pressure Installation Kit


Download Instructions PDF