General Use

The PCS-ER+ Systems (Positive Contact Sensor with Extreme Range + much more!) consists of an integrated Sensor which by itself is equipped with all necessary controls and functionality to allow an OEM user to easily integrate the Sensor into any machine tool Control equipped with CAN.

Additionally, by adding a simple MDI Module (Manual Data Interface)  any user can effortlessly integrate the PCS-ER+ Systems with any machine tool without the need of writing any complex software or being forced to integrate the System into a Machine Proprietary Control.

Allora’s Next Generation Sensor

Enhancements that will take broken tool detection to the next level of performance:

  • Brushless AC motor eliminates mechanical commutator dead spots
  • Integrated control with full “AC Servo” performance enables highly sensitive, low impact detection.
  • Direct drive control means high reliability with no gearing to fail
  • CANopen communications with standard cabling, allows for simplified installation and networking of multiple sensors
  • Absolute encoder provides for easy and flexible installation without limiting home setting to a specific often not ideal location
  • Smaller diameter IP67 rating housing, allows for installation in tight spaces and in harsh environments
  • “+” much, much more!

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