A “smart” sensor…

If your needs call for a “teach” type tool monitoring, we’ll match the PCS-250 System to anything on the market and still save you hundreds of dollars per system.

The PCS-250 Positive Contact Sensor is an amazingly smart tool sensor. Smart, because it learns and remembers tool or object location at the touch of a button through 300° of CW or CCW swing direction. Amazing, because it is free from miniature reversing gearboxes known to be weak and to slow down system performance.

The PCS-250 System combines the tough, compact construction of modern rotary position tool sensor technology and software that is intelligent, yet remarkably simple to use. The result is a high-speed, tough American-made sensor that’s ready to combat your toughest machining environments.

Teachings and Diagnostics

After mounting, teaching the PCS-250 System a tool or object’s location is as simple as pushing the teach button on the Teach Control Unit two times. Once the entire swing cycle has been memorized, any low tolerance deviation from those learned positions will be interpreted as a fault condition. In this case, a fault output is generated by the TCU-250 Teach Control Unit causing the machining to cycle stop or the machine to be put in a feed hold.

The TCU-250 Teach Control Unit monitors the set-up of the PCS-250 System, and will indicate a System Fault if electronic failures occur between the PCS-250 Positive Contact Sensor and the TCU-250 Teach Control Unit such as in the case of a cable disconnect or short.

Teach Control Unit

One compact TCU-250 Teach Control Unit is required for each PCS-250 Positive Contact Sensor utilized. The required supply voltage is 24VDC (250mA), and an optional 110-240VAC power supply is available for installations whereby 24VDC is not available. Separate ok and fault “dry contact” relay outputs are each rated at 2A, 250VAC. Mounting can be accomplished via the incorporated 35mm DIN Rail connector, or by using the two mounting holes.

Teach Sensor Specifications

  • Object Presence Monitoring
  • Red Anodized Aluminum Body
  • 0-300° swing range.
  • Electronically programmable position measurement.
  • Direct Drive (no gear box) High Precision DC Motor
  • CW or CCW swing direction by selector switch
  • Extremely narrow checking window tolerance
  • Completely sealed against liquid and solid contaminants (IP-67).
  • Maxi Life needle in standard or special length
    • Standard: 140 mm (5.5 in.)
  • 90° or straight, molded 5 pin connector/cable
    • Cable lengths to 50m (164′)
    • Standard length is 5m (16′)
  • Micro tool and micro drill sensor capability

PCS-250 System Specifications: