Standard 24-month or Optional 48-month Warranty

All Positive Contact products are backed by a simple, no hassle, 24-month, unlimited cycle warranty against defects in material and workmanship. An optional 48-month warranty plan is available at an additional charge. When deciding which PCS warranty is best for you, consider these important three points:

1. 100% of our existing customers purchasing additional units choose our standard 24-month warranty.

Why? Previous experience! Customers who already use our products, and need more, have the option to select a standard 24-month or optional 48-month warranty. Bad warranty experiences would dictate the purchase of our optional 48-month warranty. If that were the case, we would simply sell more optional 48-month warranties but we never do. Truth be told, 100% of our existing customers select our 24-month warranty when buying additional units.

In fact, many of our customers have operated their PCS sensors in a heavy-duty environment far longer than five years and/or millions of cycles. Whether you are checking a tool every two minutes on a machining center or every second on a transfer machine, all PCS sensors have an unlimited cycle guarantee within their warranty period.

2. More than 99% of our new customers select our standard 24-month warranty.

Why? It’s simple math and history. With thousands of PCS units in use throughout North America and the world, our customers depend on Positive Contact to provide the best price/ warranty combination available anywhere. The PCS 100 system with its standard 24-month warranty is more than $500 less expensive per system than our closest competitor.

What happens after the 24-month warranty expires? Because PCS sensors are free of miniature gear boxes and manufactured right here in the U.S.A., our new and old customers appreciate the fact that many PCS sensors can be repaired at our Wisconsin location for less than $250.

Although it may be profitable for us to charge for an extended warranty up front, we simply believe that our customers’ best interests are served with our standard, no hassle 24-month warranty. Perhaps that is one more reason why PCS is the #1 sensor at so many manufacturing facilities.

3. Your savings continue to grow in the post warranty period.

Why? If you need to replace a PCS sensor head outside of the warranty period, your company’s savings continue to grow. First, you have the option of possible repair averaging less than $250.

If your PCS head cannot be repaired, you will be happy to know that a PCS replacement sensor head is still many hundreds of dollars less than our closest European competitor.