Allora International is the manufacturer of Positive Contact Sensors, tool monitoring devices recognized in the industry under the name PCS. Positive Contact Sensors are designed and built to operate in the tough environment of chips, grime, coolant streams, heat and congested tooling areas commonly associated with metal cutting machine tools.

Keeping up with the demand for continuous improvement, Allora is now able to introduce to the market the latest innovation in broken tool detection by contact monitoring Brushless Sensor Technology!

This new and unique technology makes the latest series of PCS sensor, the PCS-ER+ and PCS-350, the most powerful and innovative system of its kind available in the market today–all while maintaining the installation and operating simplicity common to the entire PCS family of sensors.

Our sensors feature:

  1. An exclusive Maxi-Life Sensing Needle that extends needle life.
  2. A unique V-cup Cap Seal and the use of highest quality seals provides submersible protection.
  3. “Uni-body” Design that eliminates the typical two piece connector/sensor assembly and improves sealing.
  4. A Shielded Cable.

These enhancements provide the highest level of protection against coolants, chips and contaminants earning it the highest submersible protection rating available.

Made in the U.S.A.

Our PCS-100 and PCS-250 sensors are simple, affordable and reliable broken tool detection systems, designed for use on automatic machine tools.